Mes Dames is launching a new chapter. We have been working on creating a new product over the last year that we are really excited to share with you.

It all began with a wish to get closer to the origin of the product, to source our materials and produce locally, to aim for the best possible handcraft and quality. In the search of this, we stumbled upon an amazing fibre that changed everything; the alpaca.

The alpaca wool is perfect for what we wanted to create thanks to the supreme qualities of the fibre; it is soft, strong and comes in a beautiful natural colour range from white to black with beige and brown tones. We sourced the wool from alpaca farms here in Sweden and handpicked our favourite natural shades, starting with a black, beige and grey.

The result is the Laura jumper, our idea of the perfect jumper; a rib knit with a straight silhouette and tailored details. It is soft and warm, but also breathable and durable. It is made in 100% natural coloured Swedish alpaca wool, with the yarn being spun at Båvens filature south of Stockholm.